How did it start brewing

We discovered a historic and hearty aroma, a recipe that was born in 1922 at Penang – the phenomenal combination of the dark with light roast beans, sugar and condensed milk. Adding a modern twist to the decades' old recipe, the iconic Coffee Tree Penang White Coffee is now brewing beyond the little island. Till this day, we are still enhancing this formula for the perfect cup of coffee in a variety of exciting flavours.

Coffee Tree has been making premium beverages since 1998 and still one of the biggest F&B names in Malaysia. Now we are upscaling to an international brand and re-connecting with our foreign friends from all over the world.

We created as an official online store for Coffee Tree and Tealeaf products. Here, you can also get a taste of our other brands of products, including Benito, Candyland, DRI and Gaharu.


Setting the benchmark

We focus whole-heartedly on innovating and diversifying flavours through R&D in our factory. Coffee Tree Penang White Coffee is the exemplar of Penang’s taste. Beyond that, our 40-type coffee product range is the most diverse in Southeast Asia, and we have even more non-coffee products that will win over your taste buds, leaving that unforgettable aroma.


Stand firm on high quality

We insist on sourcing premium raw materials only and never give in to cutting down the cost to sacrifice quality.  We put extra scrutiny when it comes to coffee beans or other ingredients to bring our first-class local taste to the world. We want you to enjoy every sip to the last drop.


All about the process

We are a team of detail-oriented people who emphasize consistency. The production process is flawless. Hear not just from us. Our products are Halal certified. We are also ISO, HACCP and GMP certified, meaning our facilities, equipment and products adhere to the standards.


Taste of Penang at the comfort of your own home

Craving for more of our products but could not find them elsewhere? With, we have made purchases easier and swifter. When you need that cup of comforting beverage, we connect you to our iconic flavours with just a click. For those of you who have been to our store in Penang, the tip-top online service is still the same on because we care.