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Outdoor Camping Camelback, Nylon Camel Water Bladder Bag For Cycling


SKU: f7dd0191-a24e-419a-a205-30e94352b81d Categories: , ,

Weight: : 0.420KG
Size: : 17cm*4cm*44.5cm / 6.69inch * 1.57inch * 17.51inch
Capacity: : 3L
Temperature Range: : -20 to 99 celsius degrees
Material: : TPU
Brand Name: : STOUREG
6 Colors: : Black, Khaki, Army Green, ACU Camouflage, Jungel Camoufla, Jungel D
Bag type: : 3L Water Bag
Feature: : Foldable design and easy to carry
Item code: : 81013

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Black, ACU Camouflage, Army Green, CP Camouflage, Jungel Camouflage, Jungel Digital, khaki